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from 45.00


The all black, signature Lizzie Mandler candle 

Four scents available.


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Our signature branded candles come in four scents. All of our candles are housed in tonal glass jars,  either black with black wax or white on white (for the Oud scent only) 

*All candle orders must select ‘candle shipping’ at checkout*

Sweet Tobacco- with a base note of earthy tobacco and musk and topped with a sweet vanilla 

Smoke- just like a fireplace burning in a cozy cabin 

Sig N001- our brands signature scent is a floral vase with undertones of woods, musk and citrus 

Black OUD- our most exclusive scent. The Oud oil, otherwise known as liquid gold, is a rare resin created by a specific tree in Southeast Asian Agar. Oud is known for its warm, woody, Smokey and slightly sweet scent. To honor the purity of the scent, we pour our oud candles in white wax in order not to disrupt the fragrance. The oud candle is the only candle in a white on white vessel.